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The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

The Strategy Section of the MT CR in cooperation with the Department of EU Funds

The Strategy Section of MT CR

  • Securing of preparation, development and monitoring of the transport policy in the Czech Republic, including the Ministry's strategic and conceptual documents on the transport portfolio
  • Securing of documents predetermining development of transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic and developing of proposals for priorities in the transport infrastructure construction development on the basis of economic efficiency, risk analysis and an analysis of benefits; creating of traffic forecasts
  • Securing of analyses of financial facilities for the transport infrastructure in cooperation with SFDI and the Department of EU Funds
  • Representing of interests of the Ministry of Transport in the inter-ministerial working teams creating cross-sectional strategic documents (e.g. the National Plan of Reforms, the Strategy of Regional Development, the Strategy of International Competitive Ability, the National Strategic Reference Framework for the EU Programming Period 2014 - 2020) and securing their subsequent implementation within the Ministry's documents
  • Coordinating and defending the position of the Czech Republic within the European Transport Policy and the Policy of TEN-T Trans-European Networks in cooperation with the International Department
  • Securing of coordination of new technologies implementation in transport and creating of corresponding strategic documents (e.g. the concept and implementation of support to multimodal public logistic centres)
  • Securing of the concept and coordination of the transport statistics in accordance with the EC legislation
  • Securing of implementation of the State Environmental Policy in the transport sector
  • Securing of the State Programme to Support Energy saving and Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources in Transportation
  • Securing of the Ministry's concepts for research and development and preparing related strategic materials for coordinated operations of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  • Providing methodological guidance to and analysing of research and development projects and rationalization projects and services
  • Representing the Czech Republic in relevant working groups of the EU institutions and also in relevant working groups of the international government organisations UN Economic Commission for Europe, CEMT, CEI, OECD, Organisation for Cooperation of Railways, and representing the Ministry of Transport in the EU's COST inter-governmental network for European cooperation in the area of scientific and technological research
Director of the Strategy Section: Ing. Luděk Sosna, Ph.D.
Secretariat of the Section, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department of EU Funds of MT CR

  • Coordination and methodical management of programmes
  • Administration of manuals of working procedures
  • Preparation of special methodologies for the overall management of programmes
  • Central monitoring of programmes
  • Evaluation of implemented programmes

Director of the Department of EU Funds: Ing. Mgr. Marek Pastucha
Secretariat of the Department, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.