The Schedule of the Project Development

The strategy/conception has been approveed.

The strategy/conception has been approved. Next steps are defined in the conception - Summary document. 

How individual parts were developed and submitted?

During the whole time of development of individual outcomes, all investigators (all members of the Consortium of the Contractor – the main consultant) were involved in the Project. At the same time, the development process was consulted with the Contracting Authority and Ex-ante evaluator (and also with the SEA evaluator, as the case may be) as soon as in the phase of development of the Draft of the Reports.

The basic process of development, discussing and releasing of individual outcomes is shown in the following chart (the chart was slightly different for some specific reports).

en schema_small

The primary versions of the documents has been continuoussly published; with respect to the most important themes this is expected to be done in the phase of the document development so as the most significant comments might be integrated to the Draft of the Reports.

How the individual thematic areas followed one from another?

Works on the Project started with development of the Analytical Part, the aim of which is to map both the initial conditions [K1], the current state of the transport sector, and also determine, in rough outline, the scenario of further economic & social development of the Czech Republic [K3]. Based on these expectations, the basic principles and objectives of the Transportation Strategy has been formulated [K5].

On the basis of statistic data and other figures, the Strategic Transport Model [K2] (computer processing of the current transportation flows for all relevant transport modes – the road, railway, water and air traffic, being further divided to the passenger and goods transport) was developed. The detailed Strategic Transport Model was the starting condition for elaboration of a forecast of expected traffic flows [K4].


The Designing Partwas based especially on the traffic forecast [K4]. Individual transport infrastructure measures [K6] will be summarized in accordance with expected transportation needs and deficits of transport networks. The financial needs and economic efficiency of such measures [K7] are the decisive element in transport strategy designing. After priorities have been evaluated through the comprehensive assessment (MCA) [K8], available financial resources [K9] has been assigned to the financial needs.


This is the way how the implementation of measures in the transport infrastructure [K10] schedule was created and subsequently evaluated by means of a transport model – the Assessment Part [K10]. The whole process has been continuously repeated or, in other words, the transport strategy must be continuously updated in accordance with the current needs of the transport sector and whenever there are any substantial changes in the external conditions.