Basic informations

Introductory Word by the Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic, Antonin Prachar

Quality of the transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic is not even a quarter of a century since the Velvet Revolution at a level comparable to less developed countries of the former EU - fifteen. Hence, Czech Republic recorded a large number of necessary transport infrastructure development projects in all transport modes. In the past we have been repeatedly accused for non-conception approach to the construction and management of transport infrastructure, not only by the Supreme Audit Office, civic initiatives, other ministries, but also by the European Commission itself. Setting a conceptual approach to the development of transport infrastructure is the main goal to be ensure by the Transport Sector Strategy. It is not only to ensure the completion of the most important parts of the transport network. An equally important task is to ensure adequate maintenance of transport infrastructure which is already in operation.

The document has been processed by two and a half years and was involved in the preparation of a large number of institutions and experts, not only from the Czech Republic but also abroad. The document approved by the Czech Government in its Resolution No. 850/ 2013. My job and the job of my successors will be to ensure the implementation of the strategy into practice, making the task even more difficult than the processing of preparation itself. The document is an important condition for the approval of the Transport Operational Programme for the period 2014 - 2020, as well as to mobilize the fund CEF.

This is the first strategy for the development and maintenance of the transport infrastructure of the Czech Republic, which is based on the new national multi-modal transport model. My job will be to ensure that this model will continue to maintain current and refining. The strategy will be evaluated during 2016 and updated. Transport Sector Strategy must be the fundamental basis for the preparation of construction schedules in individual investor organizations.

Basic Information on the Project

Document Transport Sector Strategy is one of the twelve strategic documents based on the Transport Policy of the Czech Republic for the period 2005 - 2013 with a long term outlook to 2050, approved by Government Resolution No. 449/2013. Document Transport Sector Strategy , 2nd phase was given the task to develop the main priorities , objectives and transport policy measures relating to the development and maintenance of transport infrastructure, based on multimodal approach. The second important point is Regulation (EU) 1315/2013 on Union guidelines for the development of Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The main task was to develop a conceptual way of ensuring transport infrastructure in the country. There was identifying of the financial needs of the provision of transport infrastructure in the operation, maintenance, repair and development. Scenarios  of financial resources availability were developed. Development projects of transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic were evaluated on the basis of the developed multimodal transport model and subjected to multi-stage multi-criteria evaluation, the result of which is to establish mutual prioritization of these projects. Combining needs (projects in order of importance) and financial possibilities (funds) was then used to create schedule of development projects. The schedule for short and mid-term horizont also have to take into account the real stage of preparations and a predetermination of financial resources (especially European funds).

The document deals very complex issues. Therefore, it was divided into ten stages called "Books", which are further divided into a total of 21 "Reports". Due to a large extent was subsequently created Summary document, which contains the main conclusions of all the books, with special emphasis on project results. In the section "Downloads" the Summary document and also the Books and Reports are available. This archive section describes the progress of the entire document and is intended to anyone who wants to deal with the issue in detail.

The project involved the preparation of a number of entities that are presented in section Solvers:

  • Project guarantor has primary responsibility for the preparation and implementation of the strategy and the presenting the document to the government.
  • Project Consultant responsible for professional part of the project,
  • Ex - ante evaluator served as the opposition procedure immediately after treatment of primary versions of individual parts of the document,
  • SEA evaluator ensures the processing of data for strategic evaluation of the conception environment assessement (SEA),
  • The Advisory Board provides consultation prior to processing the various stages of the project and provide feedback especially from the perspective of international relations. The activities of this institution was involved agency JASPERS,
  • Joint Steering Committee has authority to approve the strategy before submitting the document to the Government of the Czech Republic,
  • Inter-ministerial working group has a consulting role (eg. for determining the weights of multi-criteria evaluation)
  • Further consultations were held with professionals and the general public in the SEA process, consultation with neighboring countries in the international SEA consultation and interministerial comment procedure.

The english version of the documents has been created by translating the official Czech version approved by the Czech government. For any official purpose, only the Czech version is binding.