Applicant of the SEA documentation

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Integra Consulting Ltd. is a rapidly growing consulting organisation that provides its services in six main programme areas:


  • Strategies and research for sustainable development
  • Climate change
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
  • Eco-innovations
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental planning and mainstreaming tools.

The company staff consists from seven experts (see their profiles at "About us" section) with complementary professional skills and extensive experience in project management and coordination. The company also has a broad network of external experts and its pool of consultants includes senior specialists in the following fields: biodiversity and Natura 2000, climate change – mitigation and adaptation (including JI/CDM), transport systems, GIS, environmental statistics and indicators, environmental reporting, waste management, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, land-use planning, economic instruments, sustainable tourism, industrial environmental management and cleaner production.

The company is holder of the accreditation issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic approving the company for providing the training on SEA, EIA and sustainable development issues for the public service officials.

Our key clients include e.g. UNDP; The World Bank; European Commission; The Federal Chancellery of Austria; The Ministry of Water and Electricity of Saudi Arabia; SOGREAH; Ramboll Natura AB; Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic; Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic (see the full list at "Clients").

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