Advisory board

The Advisory Board was established by mutual agreement among the Ministry of Transport, the European Commission and the Jaspers agency attached to EIB. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to transfer the best practices from abroad to the project being implemented. For this reason, the Advisory Board consists of experts enjoying European reputation and having long-term experience in the field of transport, construction or financing. The Advisory Board has already been cooperating with the Ministry of Transport since the competitive tendering phase, when they, among other things, issued their opinion with respect to submitted tenders. Furthermore, they will continuously assist the Ministry in negotiations with the Contractor and in the process of approval for every determined outcome.

This advisory committee consists of seven members, specifically of four foreign and three local experts from the academic sphere:

  • Werner Rothengatter – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Carsten Gertz – Hamburg University of Technology
  • Antonio Musso – Sapiens University of Rome
  • John Hugh Rees – independent expert (formerly DG MOVE - European Commission)
  • František Lehovec – CTU in Prague
  • Petr Moos – CTU in Prague
  • Václav Cempírek – University of Pardubice
  • Jana Zelinková – Ministry of Transport of the CR (Secretary of the AB)