Structure of the Project

Basic structure of the Project.

The Project Specifications directly determined the project areas which was solved. There was 10 project areas in total and they was grouped into so called Books at the end of the work.


So as they might be drawn up and discussed in a more flexible manner, the Books were issued item-by-item in the form of Interim Reports in the course of work on the Project. The final completing of Interim Reports into Books has then been done and then The Summary document - Implementation of the Transport Sector Strategy - has been created. During 2011-2013 the Reports was issued as working outcomes; their completing into the final "Books" has been practically carried out at the end of the project works in half of 2013.

There was 23 Reports in total and their inclusion into the Books after their completition.

Book (K) / Reports (Z) Description (title according to the offer or the tender documentation) Original Submission date
K.1 Initial Conditions for the Strategy Processing
Z.1.1 Summary of Existing Transport Analyses Report of evaluation results of transport analysis existing structures and their possible inclusion into the new traffic model and absent parts about which the new transport model must supply information. 12 / 2011
Z.1.2 SWOT analysis Report of the methodical background of SWOT analysis and analysis of financial, regulatory and social framework 01 / 2012
K.2 Strategic Transport Model of Czech Republic
Z.2.1 Methodology of Transport Model Development Report describing the methodology, software and data composing the transport model 12 / 2011
Z.2.2 Outputs of Strategic Transport Model Report on the model input data and results for the reference year, calibration procedure, results of statistical tests, and overall data on transportation performance 01 / 2012
K.3 Scenarios of Future Development - Seminar
Z.3.1 Preparation of Documents for Scenarios Preparation of documents for the seminars (e.g. identifying examples from other EU countries, scenarios proposals and transport policy measures); 02 / 2012
Z.3.2 Report of the Seminar Results Preparing a list of the seminar results and recommendations, which will be incorporated into the scenarios 03 / 2012
Z.3.3 Selection and Definition of Scenarios of the Future Development Preparing a report detailing the scenarios and the preferred scenario 02 / 2012
K.4 Model of Traffic Forecasts
Z.4.1 Transport Model Adjustments Report on adjustments of the model, expectations for scenarios and forecasted results. Description of individual scenario bottlenecks and other weak points. Description of the preferred development scenario and results of scenario calculations. 03 / 2012
Z.4.2 Transport Model Data and Software Data and software with assumptions, parameters and results of all calculated scenarios 04 / 2012
K.5 Principles of the Strategy
Z.5.1 Principles and Objectives of the Transport Strategy Definition of Starting Points, Principles, Goals, Priorities of the Strategy 04 / 2012
K.6 Identification of Transport Infrastructure Measures
Z.6.1 Complete List of Transport Infrastructure Projects Report on methodology and procedures for systemic measures and project/package identification, detailed functional and technical description of measures/projects (projectfiles) including design variants, estimated costs of measures/projects 05 / 2012
Z.6.2 Transport Infrastructure Projects Packages A list of analysed projects, listing of individual bundles and their description including the list of projects included in individual bundles. 06 / 2012
Z.6.3 Proposal of Racionalization Measures Complete list of proposed rationalisation measures, e.g. closing of regional railway lines, list of unnecessary railway stations, closing of areas for freight handling and manipulation, decreasing headcounts due to automatisation etc. 06 / 2012
K.7 Financial Needs of Transport Infrastructure Projects
Z.7.1 Financial Assessment of Transport Infrastructure Projects Report on results of the financing assessment 07 / 2012
Z.7.2 Proposal of Projects Reassessment and Revaluation Report on results of reassessment of projects that were too costly in the first step and on their impact on the transport system 08 / 2012
Z.7.3 Financial Needs Forecast Comprehensive overview of total financial requirements for investment and maintenance on modal and system-wide basis 09 / 2012
K.8 Methodology for the Assessment of Transport Infrastructure Projects
Z.8.1 Principles and Methodology of the CBA and MCA of Projects Report on CBA and MCA methodologies (transparent explanation why a certain method was chosen), and the proposed final methodology for the assessment of each project and package 06 / 2012
Z.8.2 Ranking of Projects and Implementation Schedule Summary list of the final complete ranking of projects, respective financial needs and recommended implementation schedule. 10 / 2012
Z.8.3 Detailed Results of the CBA and MBA Software, manuals, data and digital results of the CBA and the MCA 11 / 2012
K.9 Financial Resources for Transport Infrastructure Development
Z.9.1 Available Public Sources A report about the public resources availability for investments funding and the existing system maintenance 11 / 2011
Z.9.2 Potential PPP Projects A report about the project types and a list of projects that might be funded by PPP – possible influence on the system budget and quality 11 / 2011
K.10 Transport Sector Strategy Implementation
Z.10.1 Draft Sector Strategies Document The Draft Transport Sector Strategies -2nd Phase document after the first performing of work activities in line with Financial resources for ensuring transport infrastructure development 12 / 2012
Z.10.2 Final Sector Strategies Document Final Mid-term plan document after incorporation of the feedback from JSC and Contracting Authority 01 / 2013